Thursday, January 22, 2009

Order class issues that need to be addressed.

Warhammer players,

First off, Warhammer has great potential as long as it doesn't follow the Age of Conan path and even worse the SWG horror. The first topic I am starting my blog of with will be addressing a few issues that my guild and myself have experienced so far with Order classes that have overpowered or unmatched skills. For you Order players, don't worry, my next post will be about issues I have heard of about the Destruction that need to be addressed. Below I will list each issue and comment on it. Please post some creative and constructive ways in addition to mine on the way to resolve them.

1# White Lion
From what I have seen a White Lion can send their pets to "Fetch" you back to them, the White Lion himself can jump across the screen and "Pounce" on you, and finally if the pet dies they can be Two handed and do some amazing damage to you. Lets discuss the "Fetch" ability first. From what I have heard the Fetch ability can be started and the pet will begin its run to the target. Meanwhile, the White Lion can run around or have a go at a nearby target. Once the pet get to the target the target is yanked to the White Lion. The cooldown on this appears to be about 3 seconds and has a range of about 200m-250m. While I do not have a problem with the fetch ability I do see a few flaws in it that Warhamer should fix ASAP. It appears the only way to disrupt a pet is to taunt them unless the taunting target is the fetch target as well. I see no skill involved with a White Lion doing chain Fetches and 3-9 buddies destroying the target that has no real chance to get away unless they have 2-3 healers slamming them with heals.

Solutions to Fetch:
A. Make the White Lions "Fetch" range match the Marauders Fetch skill.

B. Increase the cooldown on Fetch as I have been Fetched multiple times buy the same White Lion or add an immunity buff to the target that lasts a certain time.

C. Make the White Lion stand in one place during the entire Fetch like the Maraurder has to or make them both the same.

D. Add a pet effect to the Maurader that does the same. i.e the Marauders mutated arm chases down the target and pulls them back like the cat does.

E. Bring the 2Handed damadge inline with what the Marauder does or tweak it down since the pet dyng should effect the 2h damage for a certain period of time and not jus the morale abilities.

#2 Warrior Priest

It appears that the WP is the new addition to the OP classes. I have seen 8 people try to take down a WP and fail. This has to be fixed. The only class that should be able to do anything like that is a tank class.


A I leave this up to you all to comment on. I will add the comments that seem to make sense to this posting.

If you know of an unfair skill on either side please post it and I will add it if it applies. Please send ingame feedback to warhammer as that is the only way they see how much certain issues are effecting the server population. Please no vulgar comments. Thanks.

Biel Warbringer
BlackHand Guild Leader


  1. The lions being able to pass through doors to get at the defenders on the top of the wall is also something pretty unacceptable.

  2. Having played both sides, I've gotten to be on the raw end of both the marauders tentacle, and the WL fetch. The WL one seems only mildly superior from my experience. Duration-wise, both can fire them off pretty close back-to-back. As for balancing the two directly, I haven't played a WL that high yet, but I don't recall them having an AoE knockdown or some of the other disable abilities at the dispense of their mirror.

    As to their melee damage, I've died just as quickly to both of them. The biggest difference you're going to see between the different WLs are which mastery they chose, one of them specifically makes their attacks with the axe that much nastier.

    As for the DoK/WP thing, I can definetley say that the DoK is incredibly powerful as well, and given the right gear/spec, I can see them living through a beating from handfuls of the enemy, though 8 may be even too much to believe for them.